Plan Management - Financial Intermediary

When you attend your NDIS Plan Meeting, you will be asked how you want to manage the financial side of your Plan.

JD Co-Ordination & Support Services is an NDIS Registered Plan Manager.

We can assist you with:

  • Paying services providers
  • Provide Monthly Statements
  • Reimbursements for services you pay for out of pocket
  • Live tracking of your NDIS Plan through an app on your phone

By choosing JD Co-Ordination & Support Services as your Financial Intermediary, you can access registered and non-registered NDIS Service Providers

Please note: Changes made by NDIA in July 2018, now require all funded supports through Plan Management, align with the prices in the NDIS Price Guide. 

Eligibility Criteria

​A person is eligible to apply for disability services with JD Co-Ordination & Support Services if they meet the following criteria:

  • The person with a disability is an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • The person with a disability is a resident of Victoria
  • The person with a disability is under 65 years of age at time of enquiry/referral
  • The person with a disability has a current approved NDIS Plan that includes funding allocated to the support services they are applying for with JD Co-Ordination & Support Services and/or they are eligible for NDIS but require assistance to apply
  • The person with a disability has a need for support

If a person is found eligible for services, but there are currently no services available, they will be offered a position on the waitlist and be provided with an estimation of wait time before services become available. 

                0404 058 816

Hours of Operation​​


​Support Coordination

JD Co-Ordination & Support Services provide Support Co-ordination which can assist you to connect with service providers and get your NDIS Plan up and running. You can request that this service be funded in your NDIS Plan.

The NDIS funds Co-ordination of Supports in 3 categories:

  1.   Support Connection- This is generally a time limited support intended to strengthen your ability to     connect with informal and mainstream and funded supports, enter service agreements with your ​chosen providers, and build your capacity and resilience to obtain and maintain NDIS supports independently. 
  2.   Support Coordination- This level of support is longer term and usually reserved for more complex service delivery environments. This includes resolving points of crisis, developing capacity and resilience in support networks and co-ordinating supports from a range of service providers required to meet your goals and needs.
  3.    Specialist Support Coordination- Time limited support within therapeutic framework for people           deemed high risk. The focus is on addressing high risk or complex barriers in the support environment, while assisting connection to appropriate supports and services.

How can JD Co-Ordination & Support Services help you?

We can provide:

  • Assistance to access the Portal and implement your plan
  • Assistance linking you to a variety of Service Providers
  • Assist you with setting up Service Agreements with Service Providers
  • Liaise and meet with Service Providers to ensure your goals and needs are being met
  • Arrange assessments funded in your plan
  • Prepare for your Plan Review
  • Regularly report to NDIA on the progress of goals in your NDIS Plan