Plan Management is a funded NDIS Support for the financial management of your NDIS Plan.

‚ÄčIf you need assistance with maintaining the budget in your plan then we can help.

Monthly statements and app

NDIS Plan Management

When you sign up for our services, we will offer you flexibility in how you want to authorise the payment of the services and supports in your plan.

Our Services


paying INvoices

Reimbursing payments

You can request a Monthly Statement, which will outline what services and supports have been paid and show you the remaining balances within your plan.

You will also be offered access to a Mobile App, so you can track your Plan live.

flexible authorisation of supports

We have a quick turnaround of processing approved invoices for your Services.

We understand that you want flexibility with your supports and this means that sometimes you may need to pay for services or supports upfront. We are able to quickly process reimbursements of these funds.